We are fully aware that we are a company that has significant direct and indirect impacts, on both the local areas in which we operate on a daily basis and at country level. And based on this awareness, we have identified our business objectives also as part of the Sustainable Development Goals Framework, by selecting the targets in which our contribution may be the most significant.

  • Promotion and implementation of financial education and training initiatives for customers and the most vulnerable targets of the population

  • Provision of continuous specialist training to employees to help them develop and maintain their skills

  • Promotion of equal opportunities, respect and enhancement of gender diversity and inclusion in the group

  • Creation and protection of both direct employment - through the hiring of young people - and indirect - by influencing the choices of customers and suppliers

  • Promotion of numerous initiatives with social and environmental impact.
  • Promotion of ESG principles along the supply chain and improvement in customer satisfaction

  • Commitment to reducing the direct and indirect environmental impacts of the group through the promotion of ESG products and energy efficiency and consumption reduction initiatives


Discover the correlation between SDGs and strategic objectives

From 2018, we have also been supporters of the United Nations Global Compact, a network of companies committed to promoting a collection of sustainability principles and values in the long-term through political actions, company procedures, social and civil behaviour that is responsible and also takes into account the future generations.
Mediobanca has adhered to the Principles for Responsible Banking (the “PRB”) of the UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative promoted by the United Nations with the aim of helping to steer the sector further in the direction of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN.

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