We operate in a sector subject to rapid changes. New customer needs, new regulatory requirements, new emerging risks – especially regarding cybersecurity and personal data protection – are prompting banking and financial operators to invest in technological innovation and digitalisation.

At Mediobanca, we have launched a gradual transformation of our Information Technology structure in order to adapt it to the new business methods, also by adopting automation and artificial intelligence technologies. Every group company has also developed its own initiatives and personalised the adoption and use by customers of the various digital technologies.

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Already created with an innovative product and services model, CheBanca! has developed cutting edge tools that allow customers to enjoy integrated multi-channel interaction:

  • free App that enables the majority of banking transactions to be carried out directly from your Smartphone;
  • possibility of smartphone payment at enabled POS through the Samsung Pay service;
  • Advanced Electronic Signature;
  • web collaboration service through which it is possible to remotely authorise advisory proposals received;
  • Chatbot for quickly informing customers of their account status and to perform simple transactions.

The commitment of CheBanca! to innovation and digitalisation was recognised by Capital Finance International, which nominated CheBanca! as the Most innovative Digital Smart Bank in Italy in 2019.


Over the course of time, Compass has worked to build its digital strategy and solidify it in targeted initiatives.
Compass’ most important innovation project concerned the digitalisation of the entire process of loan application and approval. The key element was the development of an appropriate on-line form, with a very simple and clear design which makes user navigation and interaction easier according to a mobile first approach applied for the first time in Italy on this market. Furthermore, in order to improve loan simplicity and access, we have reduced the number of documents needed to start an application (identity card and tax code).

Digital loan numbers

From 2018 up until today, more than 3,200 applications have been processed completely digitally, for a total of roughly €20 million disbursed, and more than 1,800 applications processed in branch after being started on-line.

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