We have 45,000 shareholders. Institutional investors hold three quarters of our share capital and retail investors own the remaining quarter.

A group of institutional investors (12.6%) has signed a consultation agreement that does not establish lock-up or voting commitments on the allocated shares.

Composition of the ownership structure

The Mediobanca group’s ownership structure has changed significantly since 2003, along with the transformation of its business model from holding company to specialized financial group. The percentage of institutional investors has grown together with the reduction of the historical Mediobanca investor agreement.

Italian institutional investors (including the signatories of the consultation agreement) make up about one third of the total.
One quarter of Mediobanca’s institutional investors are based in the United States, while 13% are French (including the Bolloré group) and 13% are British.
The recent signing of the new consultation agreement, which does not establish lock-up conditions, brought Mediobanca’s float to 100%.

Main shareholders

At 20 August 2020, the following shareholders hold a stake of 3% or more in Mediobanca’s capital:

LEONARDO DEL VECCHIO (1) 87,738,958 9.89%
GRUPPO BOLLORÉ 59,690,987 6.73%
GRUPPO BLACKROCK (2) 35,263,467 3.98%
GRUPPO MEDIOLANUM 29,095,110 3.28%

1) Indirect partecipation.
2) BlackRock Inc. (NY) through fifteen asset management subsidiaries (form 120 B of 6 August 2020), of which 0.69% pontential holding and 0.13% other long positions with cash settlement.

All shares are registered and each share bears the right to one vote in the general meeting. For information on the number of shares following the last update on share capital go to: Company information

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