Work with us

Work with us

The leading investment bank and consumer lender in Italy, we are also a major player in asset management and retail and private banking.

For 70 years we have consulted on and supported the growth of our clients via a complete credit offering, from basic financial products to the most sophisticated options.

The approx 4700 people that make up our Group are our most precious asset. We believe in meritocracy and invest in the growth of our people.

Our international outlook has led to the development of branches and offices in Frankfurt, Istanbul, London, Madrid, New York and Paris.

Since our foundation, we have blended tradition and innovation in all three of the Group’s areas of operation, each of which contribute equally to our performance as a business: investment banking, private banking, and wealth management.


The distinctive traits of Mediobanca are its ethical business sense, solidity and respectability, which have guaranteed our unique reputation in Italy that is becoming more and more recognised in Europe.

We share a culture based on confidentiality and customer care.

For more information, please see why Mediobanca.

Last update: 18/10/2019

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