strategic plan

  • To define its commitment in this area, the Board approved a Sustainability Policy to add to the group’s existing Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct.
  • Chief Executive Officer  is in charge of Group sustainability and he is supported by a Group Sustainability management Committee which is composed by key people within the Group and by a dedicated Unit.  Moreover , on 19 September  2019 was appointed  a Corporate Social Responsibility Committee within the Board of Directors that is responsible  for prior analysis of sustainability issues .
  • Some sustainability objectives have been included in our Strategic Plan 2019-2023 as proof of our commitment to incorporating CSR into the Group’s industrial and financial strategies
  • In our Sustainability Policy, we identified five priority areas for the Group: tackling bribery and corruption; human rights; diversity and equal opportunities; environmental protection; and responsible investing.
  • The Policy, based on the main international declarations and regulation relating to these areas, helps us to constantly improve business conduct to ensure that sustainability is an integral part of our strategy and operations.
  • As a Group, we seek to play an active role in our communities. For this reason we have identified three areas in which we are actively committed:
  • - Environment and territory
    - Culture, research and innovation
    - Social inclusion
  • As well as the areas themselves, we have also set out selection criteria to help us choose which projects to support and promote.

Last update: 04/02/2020