Material issues

Material issues are defined as aspects which reflect significant economic, environmental and social impacts by the organization or which could substantially influence stakeholder assessments and decisions. These aspects are also important with regard to risk management and strategy, and form the basis for the nonfinancial reporting.

In May 2019, a questionnaire was sent to 18 Group heads of unit. for evaluation of sustainability issues with a view to updating the materiality matrix from the perspective of internal stakeholders, following the multi-stakeholder forum held in April 2018. The issues were evaluated entirely in terms of their materiality as far as the Group is concerned, and the results were incorporated into those recorded in 2018 following stakeholder engagement with external stakeholders.

The results of this activity enabled the 23 most relevant issues for the Group and its stakeholders to be identified and the The results of this activity were incorporated into the updated materiality matrix, with a total of 18 out of the 23 issues found to be material for the Group.


Last update: 03/10/2019