Technology and innovation

The spread and development of new technologies are transforming products, services and consumer habits at a speed that is unprecedented. This process has reached full throttle in the last ten years, making established products and technologies obsolete in a relatively short space of time. Consumer habits too have been profoundly influenced by technology, which has now become the main driver in developing products and services and as a result is increasingly becoming a key and distinctive success factor.

The Mediobanca Group is focused on highly specialized businesses in which we represent professionalism and excellence. In the 2016-19 business plan we stepped up our strategic reshaping, with the objective of completing the transformation of Mediobanca into a long-term value player. To reach this objective, we are well aware that technology and digitalization are fundamental to be able to continue to offer high-quality products and services.

Mediobanca oversees the Group IT Systems in the interests of the Group companies as well,  with the aim of facilitating adequate services to support the business, and with a view to obtaining advantageous synergies and cost savings.

Management of technology infrastructure is centralized at Mediobanca Innovation Services, with local IT department to support specific business units (federative approach).

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Mediobanca Innovation Services (MIS) is the Group’s services company and technology innovation centre, providing IT, administration and facility management services in support of developing the Group’s IT systems.
  • Group IT manages 900 applications and more than 3,200 servers, with a lower cost base than our peers (IT costs/revenues: 6%, vs market 9%)
  • Diversity: 1/5 of IT staff are women.
To support this growth process, we have launched a gradual transformation of the IT structure in order to meet the changes in the banking sector, regulatory and cyber-security requirements more effectively, and to ensure the sustainability of the business in the long term. We want our IT structures to be able to respond to change effectively and at the same time to be success factors in meeting our clients’ needs and in achieving our own business objectives. 
We have identified several areas for intervention in the aim of:
  • supporting growth in the business,
  • making the operating processes more efficient (and hence less costly),
  • increasing security levels.

                                          Objectives: simplify, exploit, protect

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Last update: 27/06/2018