Research and innovation



CheBanca! is part of the Mediobanca Group with a focus on asset management and investment.

Set up in May 2008 as the Group’s retail bank, its distribution model was enhanced in 2014 with the addition of a strong advisory component to complement its native digital identity, and the inclusion of asset management services in its product offering.

CheBanca! promotes research to develop a culture of innovation and foster the growth of digital banking in Italy


Digital Banking Index

digital banking index
Digital Banking Index.The index continues to serve as a benchmark for understanding the financial applications of the digitalization process: from mobile banking and digital investing, to customer care services via instant messaging and web collaboration services.

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Report on innovation. This report offers a snapshot of Italy with respect to innovation, based on an awareness of the importance of work, research and study in order to innovate. It offers a useful guide to understanding how much Italy is looking to the future (and how aware Italians are of all this).

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Last update: 13/06/2019