IT Simplification & Modernization

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The diversification of the Group’s activities, along with the recent acquisitions, have led to the development of an applications portfolio which is rich in terms of technology but fragmented. Work on systematic IT simplification and consolidation is ongoing. A further stimulus in this direction has been provided by technology outsourcing project which introduces a higher level of industrialization and standardization in the systems’ architectures.

The activity will be performed in the following areas:

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  • Simplify applications portfolio – identifying possible synergies and convergences at Group level (e.g. core banking, asset management, CRM)
  • Development and standardization of integration architectures: introducing standardized platforms and approaches to traditional and new generation integration issues (e.g. API management)
  • Obsolescence governance: launching a systematic process for removing significant areas of obsolescence for both the business and technical platforms.


Last update: 21/06/2018