Information Security

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To guarantee data and systems security is one of the crucial and Group-wide pervasive issue for the IT units. Digital crimes increase, due to the progressive transfer of economic activities and transactions on digital and on-line platforms, has forced companies to develop sophisticated protections and reactions protocols to face the multiple threads.


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Security problems raises from various inter-related areas:
  • risk management methodologies,
  • security of infrastructure and devices,
  • software security.

It is vital to adopt the appropriate measures through the implementation of an IT security programme, such as:

  • developing the existing security management system to pro-actively identify security threats by using new and emerging technologies (e.g. threat intelligence, behaviour analysis)
  • develop the security controls system by defining a series of Key Risk Indicators (KRIs)
  • introduce a cyber security defence plan at  Group level, supported by a communications plan, to act in synergy with the business continuity plan in force
  • strengthen the IT risk assessment process by increasing risk awareness from the first stages of designing the IT solutions and services (security by design).

Last update: 21/06/2018